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ACORN Radio Station Lies About Support from Government Agencies

To update those who remember the ACORN scandal years ago, the radical, leftist organization has not gone away. Many of their chapters and organizations simply changed names and their founder, Wade Rathke, took the organization international.

Among the entities still run by Rathke is a lame, progressive community radio station in Little Rock, Arkansas — KABF 88.3 FM.

On their website they list some of their “major underwriters.” Noticeably listed among them are two tax-payer funded state agencies, the Department (now Division) of Arkansas Heritage and the Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department (now the Arkansas Department of Transportation or ArDOT).

Intrepid Research contacted both agencies to see if, in fact, they were underwriting the station. As it turns out, KABF is lying about their support. Shocker.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation had run a few ads on the station for required public comment meetings. The Division of Arkansas Heritage had once partnered with the station and a couple of other organizations for a one-time art event in 2020 and that is about it. Records did not indicate that any funds were involved.

Once Intrepid Research informed the agencies that they were listed as “major underwriters“ on the KABF website, both agencies responded that they would be contacting the station to address this misinformation.


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