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Exclusive: Taxpayer Funds Went to The Satanic Temple; Founders Use Fake Names on Corporate Documents

A search through COVID-19 spending data published by the U.S. government appears to show taxpayer funds going to The Satanic Temple, Intrepid Research can reveal.

Sixty Four Bridge LLC, formed by Satanic Temple co-founder Cevin Soling, also known as “Malcolm Jarry,” his Satanic Temple pseudonym, received just over $120,000 in a series of loan transactions from the U.S. Small Business Administration. (Loan 1, Loan 2, Loan 3).

Sixty Four Bridge LLC is so named because The Satanic Temple headquarters is located at 64 Bridge Street in Salem, Massachusetts. It is also home to the infamous Baphomet statue they have displayed around the country.

Other business entities set up by Soling in Massachusetts do not appear to have received COVID-19 funds. Intrepid Research has attempted recently to receive more detailed records on entities receiving COVID-19 funds, but the SBA refused to give further details, saying additional information was exempt from disclosure.

Additional scrutiny of business documents filed by the co-founders of the Satanic Temple, however, reveal fraudulent information submitted to the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In an interview The New York Times conducted with the founders of The Satanic Temple, the article clarifies that “Malcolm Jarry” is a pseudonym. Photos in the article show a poorly disguised Cevin Soling.

Pictured: Malcolm Jarry (left), Lucien Greaves (right) Source: The New York Times.

Pictured: Malcolm Jarry (left), Lucien Greaves (right) Source: The New York Times.

Business incorporation documents filed on behalf of United Federation of Churches LLC, Reason Alliance Ltd., and Cinephobia LLC list “Malcolm Jarry” as their registered agent or other company officer. As established earlier, this is a fake name used by Mr. Soling.

A known pseudonym of co-founder Doug Misicko is also listed on some of the corporate documents as “Doug Mesner.” The documents are intended to indicate that four people are listed on the paperwork, however, the names listed show that it is just Soling, Misicko and their alter-egos.


Intrepid Research inquired if the use of a false name was allowed on corporate filings with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They replied, “Those who file with our office are signing the forms under penalty of perjury that the information they have provided is true and accurate. Please note, however, that this office does not have the authority to reject filings. Those who provide false information may be subject to those penalties, but the decision to bring any such charges would need to be made by a law enforcement agency.”

A search of IRS nonprofit records shows that The Satanic Temple was granted 501(c)(3) status in 2019. They are not required to file annual 990 returns.

However, the Satanic Temple has not filed required annual reports to the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 2018 (19?). A spokesperson for the Secretary responded to an inquiry by Intrepid Research stating, “Like all corporations, nonprofits may be subject to dissolution for failure to file annual reports.”

Another entity of Soling and Misicko’s, Reason Alliance Ltd., is listed as a public charity with the Massachusetts Attorney General. They have not filed an annual report since 2019. They are required to file annual 990 returns with the IRS, but have not done so since 2019. If they fail to file a third consecutive year, their federal tax-exempt status will be revoked.

Asked if false names or pseudonyms are allowed on official documents, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office said they would not comment on a hypothetical situation or give a legal opinion. However, they did add, “if we received a detailed complaint about a corporate or charitable finding, we would give it careful consideration, as we would with any complaint filed with our office.”

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