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Provide for the Common Defense: Law, Order & Our Populist Power

An Action Plan for Securing Our Country

We the People have an obligation, and an opportunity, to secure our nation, even when our current government won’t.


If the actions of the political Left has taught us anything over the last few years, it’s that they are actively trying to tear down our societal institutions and disrupt our country, including most dangerously, our security and law enforcement infrastructure.

They have opposed border wall construction, incited riots, bailed out criminals, defunded police departments, refused to prosecute dangerous instigators, changed laws to encourage lawlessness, and prioritized protection of traffickers over their own constituents.

It’s time patriots stand up against the Left on all fronts. The Left is waging a political, psychological, cultural, social, anti-religious, economic, and, in some cases, even kinetic warfare against conservative patriots, our communities, our businesses, our institutions, and against the very sovereignty of the United States.

They have destroyed law and order across the country and are poised to dissolve our borders. We cannot sustain this trajectory without a fight.

For now, we can take heart in the fact that the Left does not yet control all of the machinations of power in this country and patriots still have ways to stop their agenda.

They may seek to destroy law and order to create fear, terror, and helplessness in our cities but we still have a political and law enforcement structure in this country that, at the local levels, is still accountable to the people.

Sheriffs are one of the most important law enforcement positions in this country. And, in most all jurisdictions in America, the office of sheriff is an elected position.

We need capable and qualified patriots, especially those with law enforcement or military experience, to step up and fill as many of these positions as possible. Some sheriffs’ departments also have volunteer auxiliary deputy positions available that serve as a reserve force multiplier.

In addition to sheriffs, we need like-minded individuals to run for office as constables. In many states these are local-level law enforcement positions with full police powers that are elected and many of them go unfilled.

We need conservatives to run for school boards all over the U.S. and to prioritize order and security on our school campuses.

We need mayors who will appoint police chiefs or marshals who will keep public order. We need police departments adequately staffed and equipped. We need prosecutors (also elected) who will prosecute crimes rather than look the other way.

We need governors who will charge their state police forces and National Guard units to defend their state against the onslaught of lawlessness that has been unleashed on our country, and to push back against the federal government’s overreach.

We need legislatures to not get in the way of a citizens’ right to defend themselves and their families. Our Second Amendment rights are under threat.

The federal government does not run everything. We have to fight the radical Left’s agenda at every level of government and civil society.

We can’t allow Antifa and BLM and looters and rioters and drug gangs and cartels and criminal aliens to run our cities and endanger our way of life.

We need to restore a law enforcement structure that is of the people, by the people, and for the people, not the politicians.

In addition, there are non-government security options available to the people of this country if they are serious about protecting their communities. Citizens can start a neighborhood crime watch or security patrol. Neighborhood associations, homeowner and property owner associations can hire or appoint security patrols. Churches can form a volunteer security team to protect their house of faith. People can start or join a gun club, shooting club, or hunting club. Entrepreneurs can even start their own security company or a gun store business. All of these options provide additional layers of protection against a lawless society.

Ultimately, and especially before any other gun rights are taken away, individual citizens should arm themselves. A right not exercised is a right lost. Authoritarian governments fear an armed citizenry and rightly so. The Founders knew this. Defend yourselves, defend your neighborhood, defend your community and defend America!

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