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U.S. Politicians on Chinese State Media

Governors and others appear on Chinese Communist Party-controlled media outlets


As we all know, politicians love media attention and love being on TV. When it comes to some U.S. politicians, apparently that extends to foreign propaganda media outlets as well.

Over the last number of years a host of American political figures, from mayors, lieutenant governors, governors, legislators, and federal officials have visited China for various reasons and some have given interviews to Chinese media. All of these outlets are run by the government of China and the Chinese Communist Party.

Intrepid Research has put together a playlist of these interviews on our YouTube channel. So far, there are 110 videos on our list. You'll want to check it out and see if one of your state's public servants is on the list.

However, before you watch, imagine this were the Cold War and these featured interviews were published in Moscow by the Kremlin's Pravda or in Havana's Communist Granma newspaper? Now compare. What's the difference?

Watch above or click to see full playlist on our YouTube channel


Open the PDF below to download the list...

U.S. Politicians on Chinese State Media - YouTube
Download PDF • 4.39MB

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